by Taliea

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released April 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Taliea Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Track Name: Old World
You're a thief,
and I'm a liar
waiting for
another summer
to run its course.

I believe
that there's a love that
you cannot see,
and I misjudged it
And now we're bleeding.

That's the last
of the old world
as we stand inside
an hour glass and find
that the image turns
as the hours pass
into a face
that years past have changed.

Lines we sew
Into our own

As we grow
and all we know
Track Name: Prospect
Break a sweat over me.
I don't mind.
I don't mind.

Break your back and your teeth
Just to see
if you're seen.

Force yourself to believe
On your knees
Scarred, but clean.

Hope's a thing that you only consume.
I look for the day when I don't need you.

Pierce the quiet with your laugh.
On your tongue, I was so young.

Inside your eyes it's turning black.
But don't hold back.
No, don't hold back.

Retrospect's not all that bad.
Looking back will make you go mad.

Hope's a thing that you only consume.
I look for the day that I don't need you.

I was collected like an insect
Pierced against the walls to make you forget.
'Cause you could never cope with the prospect
That the walls are getting closer by the minute.
Track Name: Winter/Press
You never know how to feel.
You're becoming less real
Becoming less real.

And you can't bring the joy that I want
Bring the joy that used to make me feel.

So I told you.
So I told you:

Life is what you make of it.
It's not what you can take from it.
That breath you took,
It's all you have.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Oh, you can take it out on me.
I'll try to be,
I'll try to be
A better stain
upon this earth.
Open your eyes.
We don't want hell.
Track Name: Sleep
I was caught in a dream
Where I was the person I should be
If you had stayed right beside me
In the water so heavy
I saw you so clearly.
The green mountains are calling.
Green leaves ever falling.

Now I wake to the concepts
That the world is now spinning,
And I'm barely breathing.
The ocean is drying.
My withered hands dying.
I know you're somewhere beneath me.
On some ancient shore sleeping.

All that I am contained in hollow flesh,
Is there a fate in hell that's worse than this?
All that there should be, but there isn't is
cursing the bed that I am sleeping in.
Belief is a poison coursing through my head
Hoping for morning some time after death.
Track Name: Perian
When all the lights go
And all my blood flows
My head will not close.
I'm dead in the night song.

The house speaks
And moves in me
Every small creak
Is a melody.

And I'm losing
the battle in me.
And I'm fooling
the world that I'm free.

If the water was your home,
I would buy a boat
And sleep upon the ocean
Holding onto hope.

And if I could hold my breath,
And never breath again,
Aloft the waves unfolding
Bear me to the west.